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Candidate for

Metro Council East County (District #1)

I’m a proud East County resident, nonprofit executive, community activist and advocate, veteran, father, PSU alum and a committed public servant. Living in East County I’ve seen firsthand how this growing part of the region has been overlooked – in investments in walkable and safe neighborhoods, transportation infrastructure, jobs, educational opportunities, housing for all incomes and addressing the issues of homelessness.

I’m running for Metro Council because I want to help move our community forward – for everyone.

I have a proven track record of bringing people together, solving pressing issues all with a focus on equity. East County is the most diverse in our region, and as a Black man, I will bring my lived experience to ensure that Metro works for everyone. 

Dedicated to Public Service

As an Air Force Civil Engineering Technician, E-4, I learned the value of service, teamwork and never leaving anyone behind. Raised in Houston, I saw the consequences of underinvestment and poorly planned growth, most recently with the devastation of Hurricane Harvey wiping out whole communities.

Here, we face challenges that include growth, housing affordability and houselessness, economic development, infrastructure, and a need to address the impact of climate change while preparing for a Cascadian Subduction Zone earthquake – all things we must tackle together. As we are forever interconnected, so are the issues we must face.


I’m running for Metro Council to ensure we address our most pressing issues— together.


Getting Involved + Getting Results

As Executive Director of Oregon Walks, I get to lead a dynamic organization that is removing barriers and enhancing neighborhood livability and safety. This work is making a real difference in people’s lives, especially in historically underserved communities.

Creating A Safe 82nd Ave

As part of a coalition of transportation advocates, I helped secure $185 million to transform 82nd Avenue into a safer corridor for our kids, seniors and neighbors. Too many pedestrians, motorists and cyclists have died and injured over the years. No one should have to feel like their life is in danger to go to work, school or the store. Improved sidewalks, crossings, lighting and ADA ramps will soon transform this major corridor.

As your Metro Councilor, I will continue to make sidewalks and crossings safe for our kids
and all pedestrians and cyclists.

Community Involvement

I am honored to serve on many local, state and national boards and committees to help bring change to our community, especially underserved residents. This includes:

Oregon Department of Transportation

City of Portland



Interstate Bridge Replacement Project
Region 1 Area Commission on Transportation


Fixing Our Streets Oversight Committee
Pricing Options for Equitable Mobility Task Force
Rosewood Equitable Neighborhood Development Plan
Portland Neighborhood Emergency Team member

Local Investment Team Member

Human Solutions
America Walks
Black Community of Portland

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PO Box 955
Fairview OR 97024

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