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Fighting for Our Future

As a leader and advocate to improve our community, especially for underserved residents, I will dedicate my work as your East County Metro Councilor:

  • Ensure a sustainable, safe and thriving community for our families and future generations.

  • Make certain that smart urban planning addresses housing affordability, racial and economic disparities, while improving access to jobs, schools and transportation options.

  • Expand family-wage construction job access for women and people of color through Metro’s Construction Career Pathways program.

  • Grow our green space network with more parks and trails to create healthier neighborhoods, regardless of your zip code.

Better Planning Now!

A warming planet, growing wildfires and heat-related deaths, we must take action now to address climate change. As your Metro Councilor, I will:

  • Ensure we reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and invest in transportation options promoting renewable energy, while making neighborhoods more pedestrian/biking/transit friendly

  • Expand Metro green spaces to help cool the planet and slow climate change

  • Protect Metro’s Urban Growth Boundary Reserves


Housing Affordability Matters

I reject the idea of pricing people out of their homes. We must build for all income levels.


When I moved to Portland in 2015, I couldn’t afford a place to live. I was lucky to have someone open their home to me until I could get on my feet. We must help others so no one is left behind. I will fight to ensure Metro’s Affordable Housing and Supportive Housing Services bonds deliver a variety of affordable housing options for individuals and families throughout the entire region. It’s vital that this housing is accessible to transportation, schools, jobs, social services and parks.


My promise: I will listen to all voices, look for ways to work together and fight to
ensure no one gets left behind.

Will you join me as we work to make our region a better place for our family, friends and community?


Our time is now.

Ashton Simpson

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PO Box 955
Fairview OR 97024

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